Why I Love Lightroom Presets

pre6Adobe Lightroom is known for its very powerful photo editing management. It was created to help photographers in all genres to organize and modify their captured images and to make it even better. Like other programs, lightroom can be confusing since it has a lot of controls and options to consider and learn. However, with lightroom’s preset or commonly known as filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once, everything became easier.

Adobe lightroom presets can be used easily since it can be used in one or more images. It can help us transform raw images into something beautiful. In my opinion, if you are going to try the features of lightroom, you should prepare yourself and your skills in creating presets since it is the best starting point in the program. By simply adding your desired effect and styles, you can make your own presets and you can use it to all of your collections.

I have been using and creating various styles of presets to add in my lightroom collections over the years and I also learned that creating one is not that easy; yes it is easy to create simple presets, but creating presets for professional and work related purposes is not simple.

Undeniably, not all free lightroom presets that you see online have good quality; some of those are not worth it since it is badly created. When buying lightroom presets online, make sure to check the quality first. Then, check the compatibility option to know if it can work well to older and higher version of lightroom.

Installing presets for lightroom is very simple. You just have to open lightroom, choose preferred image and select on the “develop module tab” on the right side of the interface. Right click the presets tab and choose your desired preset and you’re ready to use it on your images.