Why Do We Use Photoshop Actions?

Basically, Photoshop actions are essential for photographers because it helps them save a lot of time and effort in modifying tons of images. They need to use the tool to finish their daily, weekend and monthly tasks. However, photographers are overwhelmed with the advantages of actions that they tend to forget the real goal of Photoshop and that is to produce high-quality images.

ps2Actions were created, developed and designed purely to assist photographers and help them simplify their life. Yes, the feature has helped thousands of photographers worldwide with their images. But most clients receiving edited photos with actions don’t seem to appreciate it. Some clients still prefer manual editing as photographers can adjust the colors, exposure, brightness, and ISO perfectly.

There is really nothing wrong in using Adobe Photoshop actions. The only thing that you should bear in mind is not to depend on using default actions. There are several unique and high-quality photoshop actions that you can download online for free or paid.

Why do we use photoshop actions?

Personally, I rarely use photoshop action. Why? Because I still want to test my skills in creativity. I want to broaden my mind on how far will I go editing images manually. I use photoshop actions when I have tons of images to work on and If I don’t have enough time modifying it one by one.