Hoots And Hellmouth

Hoots And Hellmouth played the Abbey Bar inside of the Appalachian Brewing Company on 12-29-2010 in Harrisburg, PA.  This show was video recorded for an official Hoots And Hellmouth recording. I am not aware if it will be used for a music video, promotional footage for the new album titled “The Holy Open Secret” but look out for the recording when it does surface.  Hoots and Hellmouth have become one of the my most frequently seen bands.

Hoots And Hellmouth are an organic Americana/roots based band that enthusiastically stomps (literally) their way through their sets and play infectious harmonies and irresistible melodies.  Songs like: Good I Know You Know, This Hand Is A Mighty Hand, Home In A Boxcar, Want On Nothing, and What Good Are Plowshares If We Use Them Like Swords are quintessential live staples that every HnHM fan craves.  The energy during these songs is enough to shut down Three mile Island and run the city off the stage.

This was the third time seeing the band with a drummer and without the second guitarist so I can officially say that the band sounds full and they never lost an ounce of energy.  The times that I really miss Andrew Gray is during the perfectly composed three part harmonies on some of their songs off their self-titled debut album.

The last time I saw them was a show they did to support Community Supported Agriculture, it was in a nice wooden barn on a 200+ acre farm, beautiful setting and a spectacular event.  They are a band that stand up for what they believe in: simple ideals including supporting local businessesand and they do not support urban sprawl and all the evils that come with it.

If you want to see a great show and have a great time go see Hoots And Hellmouth.  And make sure you say hi to them at the merchandise table afterwards, they are very down to earth guys and they appreciate their fans.