Four Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

ph6We all know that weddings are sacred and special. It is a ceremony where two people who love each other are united as one. Most wedding ceremonies involve a lot of traditions such as presentations of gifts to each other, exchanging vows, and more. This special life event needs a good photographer to capture the couple’s many first: (first kiss, dance, drink and more).

However, some photographers do not have enough traits and skills to become a good photographer. In this article, we will give provide the best wedding photography tips that will help beginners to grow as a photographer. This will also include a small tip about lightroom presets.

Survey the Scene

Today, couples will prefer having a prenuptial shoot prior to their big day. They wanted to have a photo shoot that will serve as their memoir as being “boyfriends-girlfriends”. To avoid delays, photographers should survey the scene first to know if it suits the theme, outfits of the soon to be husband and wife. Moreover, checking the location will help photographers plan ahead on what to do during the shoot.

Bring Extra Cameras

It is recommended to bring extra cameras on this special event, again, to avoid delays. Bringing extra cameras will also allow photographers to never miss any special scenes during the event.

Capture the Smallest Details

During the one-hour wedding ceremony, a lot of things can happen. Photographers need to be alert in all scenarios as to not miss every single bit of it. They need to capture even the smallest details such as exchanging of rings, chains, bibles and vows and more.

Share Thoughts and Ideas with the Couple

Prior to the event, photographers need to meet with the couple to discuss his/her expectations, thoughts and ideas as well as to listen to what they want in the photographs. Also, it is the right time to talk about the payment and the packages.

Lightroom presets can be your life saver. If you’re in a rush and you need to meet the client’s deadline, all you have to do is to use Adobe Lightroom and its default and customized presets.