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Three Things to Consider When Buying a Camera Drone

  • Drones can take breath taking footages
  • There are three things people must know before purchasing a drone
  • Consumers must be wise in taking their pick

Incredible footages from the sky directly focused at that man while skiing on a slope or a woman while rock climbing. Yep, that was probably done through a drone— a device that flies like a bird but with a camera boarded to it.

But before you buy a camera drone, there are three things you must know:

1. Not all drones have stabilization features- Drones look more or less the same at first sight— almost the same body size and propellers. But not all camera drones perform the same when it comes to recording photos and footages. Some drones can take breath breathtaking videos  while others can take stunning photographs so when you decide to take out your card to buy camera drone, search for the ones that suits your needs.

2. Not all drones perform the same- With a wide selection of drones in the market, it’s not much of a surprise if you find yourself scratching your head whether the model you’re eyeing on can perform as much task as you need it to do. Before you buy camera drone, take a quick look at the performance. Some drones can avoid the obstructions that come its way, some have landing features, some can follow its moving subject, and some can do a flip in the air and many others. Which functions do you need most?

3. Not all drones carry the same price tag- This one’s a no brainer. It’s given that devices tend to be sold at different price range. For drones, some are sold for hundreds of dollars while some go overboard the thousandth mark.

Overall, before you buy camera drone, take your time to carefully assess the different variety of models available in the market. Read reviews, do some research on Youtube, and check the comments on social media. Be a wise consumer.

Improving Your Wedding Pictures through Review Reading

  • Reading reviews for you to grow as a photographer
  • Wedding lightroom presets you can download online for the enhancement of your photos
  • Photo editing tools you need to check out online

Wedding photos should be a separate lot. These are special types of images that bring out a lot of memories; especially to the newlyweds. So they should be enhanced with the latest gadgets around.


That’s where this wedding lightroom presets review come in. As soon as you read a thing or two from these reviews, it is only a matter of time before your images will have the enhancements that they deserve.

They should be a part of your arsenal, so to speak, as you deal with this sort of editing. Most of the items discussed in a wedding lightroom presets review are suggestions and ideas on how to edit photos in a smooth, sophisticated manner, something that your wedding pictures are in need of.

You can’t just churn out wedding photos for the sake of it; they should be treated with utmost care and appropriateness of its design. Your wedding pictures, in the first place, should not be enhanced the way you improve your everyday photos, these images should be accompanied with the right app so that their inner beauty will be revealed.

That is the promise of this wedding lightroom presets review. And these reviewers are more or less enthusiastic about sharing their expertise, so that many will benefit from it. You will definitely grow as a photographer with this wedding lightroom presets review.

So find these reviews online today, and include it on your reading list. It pays to read these reviews, these are add-ons that you can apply to your craft for you to remain competitive in the photography scene. And all because of this wedding lightroom presets review.

The Truth Behind Sleeklens Lightroom Presets


  • Sleeklens Lightroom presets make it easier for any editor to create magic with simple photos
  • Edit like a pro through Sleeklens products
  • Sleeklens Lightroom presets reviews can be found anywhere in the internet

If only becoming a professional photographer was as easy as snapping, everybody would probably bond over taking gorgeous photos. But unfortunately, the cold hard truth is, it takes practice and time to master the art. Fortunately though, even without the sophisticated and detailed experience, it is now possible to make an elegant collection of photos through Sleeklens Lightroom presets.


The Sleeklens Lightroom presets reviewed articles that can be found almost anywhere around the internet can attest to how Sleeklens’ products can turn a simple photography enthusiast into a pro. Aside from describing the Sleeklens products generally, Sleekelens Lightroom presets reviewed  articles also make thorough explanation on how these products work as well as an unbiased evaluation on their high points and low points.

Sleeklens is a website that sells Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions that are of superb quality to make photo editing an easier job for the pros and the beginners. Their products aim to cut down the span of photo editing process while ensuring that the products deliver quality photos.

Sleeklens Lightroom presets reviewed articles can not only be great sources on which Sleeklens product consumers should use, but also determinewhat consumers should look for in a Lightroom preset or an Adobe Photoshop action.

Sleeklens’ Lightroom preset products are often comprised of different presets and brushes, and so Sleeklens Lightroom presets  reviewed articles look deeper into each product to determine which ones would work best for different types of photographs.

They also have videos to guide users on how to install each preset so both beginners and pros can enjoy each product and make the most out of them. Moreover, Sleeklens reviews are also extremely easy to find and were written by professionals.


Infos for Your Next Action Camera

  • Additional information on action camera from
  • Having clear and crisp photos from these action cameras
  • Action cameras that can produce lots of pictures in seconds

You won’t believe how far your action camera can go if you use them. If you’re thinking of photography as mere extension of painting, you better think again, because photography has come a long way since it has taken a cue from paintings.


In today photography, however, using the appropriate tools matter, especially when it comes to cameras. You can’t just argue that you have created this beautiful picture out of sheer luck alone or just having that perfect angle when you have taken that photo. More often that not, that beautiful photo image is a work of a more sophisticated action camera.

Now the question would be, where can we find these action cameras? The Best Action Cam Reviews is the answer to that. They offer the best action cameras to date, more info on it at

Some of the action cameras that they offer have special qualities, features that you won’t see with other collections.

  • Clear, crisp photos – You would think that action cameras aren’t capable of producing clear photos because of movement and resolution problems, you better think again, these action cameras are more than capable of producing such photos. See more info on it at
  • Speed Still – These action cameras can produce photos at a faster pace. They are designed to withstand glitches that go with outdoor photography. You can choose an action camera that works well on different types of weather without altering its speed of producing pictures. Again, more info on it at

These qualities alone are enough for you to take a shot at these action cameras. You have nothing to lose really, but everything to gain from these action cameras. So grab an action camera now, more info on it at

Amateur’s Guide: Why Should You Use Adobe Lightroom?

Now that we’re done talking about the basics of Lightroom, maybe the next question would be, why should you use Adobe Lightroom? Well, it is the only program from Adobe that offers 7 in 1 editing features. From its ability to organize, sort out, create Lightroom presets and slideshow and modify images, Lightroom is already proven to be effective and reliable. While other developers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft offers a lot of exciting post processing programs in the market, their ability to organize is not operational.

LR11If you can’t afford Photoshop, Elements, Aperture, Bridge and other programs, then Lightroom is one of the best choice since its price is very affordable and the features are also user-friendly. It is already given that Lightroom contains some drawbacks, but you don’t have to worry about it since Adobe continues to enhance and improve every program they produced.

Another question asked by an amateur photographer is that, what if they continue to use Photoshop? There is nothing wrong with using other products like Adobe Photoshop, as it is also considered to be one of the most powerful tools in the market. However, the program is good for people who are not in a hurry since Photoshop requires more effort in modifying images manually.

Today, as you decide to start on your photography career, you really need something like Adobe Lightroom to help you sort out your messy and disorderly images on the computer storage. And if you really want to be good in your chosen profession, you need to level up and leave unhelpful thoughts behind. At the moment, Adobe Lightroom is the best image processing tool for image organizing and modification.

To make you feel better, you can use both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom 6 for $10 a month through Adobe creative cloud plans. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to CC, plus you can get more of the best lightroom presets that you want online.

Why Do We Use Photoshop Actions?

Basically, Photoshop actions are essential for photographers because it helps them save a lot of time and effort in modifying tons of images. They need to use the tool to finish their daily, weekend and monthly tasks. However, photographers are overwhelmed with the advantages of actions that they tend to forget the real goal of Photoshop and that is to produce high-quality images.

ps2Actions were created, developed and designed purely to assist photographers and help them simplify their life. Yes, the feature has helped thousands of photographers worldwide with their images. But most clients receiving edited photos with actions don’t seem to appreciate it. Some clients still prefer manual editing as photographers can adjust the colors, exposure, brightness, and ISO perfectly.

There is really nothing wrong in using Adobe Photoshop actions. The only thing that you should bear in mind is not to depend on using default actions. There are several unique and high-quality photoshop actions that you can download online for free or paid.

Why do we use photoshop actions?

Personally, I rarely use photoshop action. Why? Because I still want to test my skills in creativity. I want to broaden my mind on how far will I go editing images manually. I use photoshop actions when I have tons of images to work on and If I don’t have enough time modifying it one by one.


Guide To Better Photography

We all want to be the best photographers, right? That’s why you’re reading this article right now because you want to become better and an effective photographer. I am very excited to share my thoughts and tips on how to become the best. Whether you’re an amateur or a hobbyist, you have the desire to improve your skills in producing mesmerizing images.

lens2Photography allows us to express ourselves in the most unique way. We use specific and random objects to tell a story. Basically, it is our way of communicating with the rest of the world. In addition, we learn a lot from photography. We learned how to value and respect our nature and environment. We see a lot of beautiful things even with the tiniest subject. Whether you do photography to make a living or for fun, you  need to grow to produce good images Allow me to share with you some of the important guide for better photography.

For you to produce high-quality images, you need to have these three significant things:

Professional Camera

Owning and having a DSLR professional camera is not enough. You need to learn its settings inside and out for you to be able to know how it works. You have to bear in mind that the camera is the only key for you to communicate with your subject.

Proper Lighting Tools

Although having the best camera in the market is one of the great way to produce a good image, it’s still not enough especially on darker environment. You need to have the most advanced lighting tools for you to get the important details of your subject. Lighting makes a good difference, so you also need to have great lighting techniques and ideas. Adjusting the amount of light needed for a subject is not easy, you need to train yourself every now and then to have a perfect lighting.

Reliable Post-Processing Application

Having a reliable image editing tool is a must since it is the only way for you to produce an outstanding and eye-catching image. One of the best post-processing programs in the market is Adobe Lightroom, it has a lot of positive feedback from satisfied users. Make sure to have one.

I believe these things will help you grow as a photographer since it worked for me. If you want more useful photography articles, see more user-friendly photography tuts at

Featuring Free Presets

A list of free presets are available online. Other presets are more specific, more attuned to creating special effects to a landscape picture or a portrait. But these presets only has one common goal, the enhancement of an image in a picture.

lr1So varied are these lists online that other photo-enhancing sites offer tutorials and tools for those ordinary users wishing to put improvements on their pictures.

It would be so trite to just post a picture on the web without even heightening certain sensibilities of your image, so to speak. That type of picture posting has seen better days.

Now, with the availability of these presets online, such as in the case of Fotopresso’s list of free presets, any user can now treat his or her picture like a true blue masterpiece.

These pictures are in for some serious overhaul, but a kind of overhaul that would raise the bar of developing a picture. With these free presets, picture enhancement is no longer a concern of a professional photographer, it is now a domain also for picture enthusiasts.

Your picture on Facebook or Twitter will have an edge, presenting your well-enhanced images much like a seasoned photographer does. With specific actions and brushes on its tools, you pictures will be an integral part of presenting yourself in a more cool and stylized way. Pictures that resemble those found in commercial ads and magazine covers.

Explore every preset online and discover its potentials. You now have the tools to put some extra flair on an ordinary picture, present it in an artsy manner, highlighting potential features that normally don’t have emphasis on a conventional picture.

These free presets are so unique because they function like a fingerprint, for every landscape, for every portrait, there is a preset that goes with it.

Gone are those days when posting a picture online leaves nothing to the imagination. Now you can imagine everything with this list of free presets online.


Wedding photography for beginners

Wedding photography is one of the most challenging type of photographer. This is because there are so many variables to be considered and so many things to keep in mind in order to produce the best wedding shots. That said, there are some constants that apply to almost any photographer and that beginner can observe in order for them to become better photographers even without using Lightroom Presets or get started with wedding photography the easiest way possible.

Know your equipment

man-camera-photographer-canonOne of the most important things for any photographer is their equipment. In order for you to become a better wedding photographer, you have to make sure that you know your equipment really well. This will not only help you work better and more efficiency, it will also eliminate the chance of any potential embarrassment that may arise due to to not fully understanding the equipment you have.

Understand shutter speed and exposure

A universal truth about weddings is that people and things are always moving around. You have to make sure that you are able to take photographer regardless of whether the subjects you would like to shoot are moving or not. One of the ways to make sure that your photographs are not blurred is to use the shortest shutter speed possible. This is so that you are able to capture those instances you need to capture faster and more clearly.

Use a faster memory card

The memory card that you use when shooting at a wedding should have a pretty high write speed. This is because you will be saving a lot f photographs pretty fast. If the memory cards you are using have low write speeds, you may ave to wait for up to a few seconds for your good action camera to save the images. This does not only interfere with your work flow, it also wastes a lot of time and in that time, an important moment may have passed.

Learn how to use Lightroom

LR16While it is true that you can get a camera that shots images in such high quality that you would not need to edit them, it is also true that a majority of photographer will want to add something extra to their photographs. The best way to do this is through the use of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom will let you adjust the contrast, colors, clarity and lots of other aspects of your photos. This will ensure that whatever you put out is of a much better quality than what you shot.

Can You Use Several Lightroom Presets at Once?

It was a dark and stormy nightAdobe Lightroom allows us, users, to create, and save customized presets. However, we cannot save a certain preset that will modify the settings of an original image since the program is a non-destructive software. It preserves the raw settings from the camera. Lightroom only allows us to edit a certain value to replace whatever setting that has been set in the picture.

Can you use numerous Lightroom presets at once?

This is the most common concern among users since they want to know if they can utilize numerous lightroom presets in one process. The answer is, Yes! You can use several lightroom presets at once. However, when saving or updating new sets of presets, it is recommended that you uncheck all the unnecessary boxes in the interface to avoid additional unrelated image settings. For instance, if you are creating a black and white preset, the only image settings you need to adjust are those buttons related to black and white.

Here’s a video tutorial that will teach you how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

Here’s another helpful preset example, if you have created a custom vignette preset, you just have to save the post crop image vignette settings. Lightroom presets are very easy to use, but tricky, you really have to use your skills and knowledge in using and creating presets to avoid destruction of images. Applying presets to images is easier since there is no need to choose photos one by one. But be very extra careful in applying presets, check first the settings if it fits the images. For example, if the original file has a bad lighting and you’re preset contains a lot of dark shades, chances are the image will look terrible. If you are still in doubt, check for more lightroom tutorial online to help you understand the program.

Lightroom presets can be applied to hundreds and even thousands of images at once, but the trick there is to check if the presets look good on the image.

Photoshop Elements vs. Lightroom

What is the first thing that will pop up in your mind when you hear the terms “image editing”?

LR16There are a lot of competition for lightroom products out there that sometimes you might get confuse which software can really help you in editing images, and which program would suit you – Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Lightroom?  That is an understandable question, but a difficult one to answer.

Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom are both powered by “Adobe”, yet their features are different. In this article, I will discuss to you the differences of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom.

Photoshop Elements (PSE) is the right choice for photographers who want to make ultimate changes to an image. Moreover, Photoshop Element is for doing surgery on your photo.

Photoshop Elements does indeed look much like a simplified version of Photoshop and is also suitable for a reasonably broad user base, but loses most of the advanced functionality in favor a user-friendly interface.  Also, you can do some light RAW processing and also draw a smiley face or write text on an illusion if so desired.  Furthermore, it is broad appeal for editing family picture through a user-friendly user interface. It is much less complicated than Photoshop and quicker to use with fewer tools and fast operation.

Photoshop Lightroom can be considered a subset of Photoshop with particular functionality that Photoshop does not. It was created for the main purpose of managing a large number of images and keeping them organized in one place. For the photographers, Lightroom is often all they need, with the ability to sort, manage, edit, retouch, print images as well as create online galleries and design albums.

Even there’s a competition for lightroom products I am still a big fun of Lightroom, I find it simple to use and very helpful in my editing process. Choose the right software where is suit for your needs.

Four Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

ph6We all know that weddings are sacred and special. It is a ceremony where two people who love each other are united as one. Most wedding ceremonies involve a lot of traditions such as presentations of gifts to each other, exchanging vows, and more. This special life event needs a good photographer to capture the couple’s many first: (first kiss, dance, drink and more).

However, some photographers do not have enough traits and skills to become a good photographer. In this article, we will give provide the best wedding photography tips that will help beginners to grow as a photographer. This will also include a small tip about lightroom presets.

Survey the Scene

Today, couples will prefer having a prenuptial shoot prior to their big day. They wanted to have a photo shoot that will serve as their memoir as being “boyfriends-girlfriends”. To avoid delays, photographers should survey the scene first to know if it suits the theme, outfits of the soon to be husband and wife. Moreover, checking the location will help photographers plan ahead on what to do during the shoot.

Bring Extra Cameras

It is recommended to bring extra cameras on this special event, again, to avoid delays. Bringing extra cameras will also allow photographers to never miss any special scenes during the event.

Capture the Smallest Details

During the one-hour wedding ceremony, a lot of things can happen. Photographers need to be alert in all scenarios as to not miss every single bit of it. They need to capture even the smallest details such as exchanging of rings, chains, bibles and vows and more.

Share Thoughts and Ideas with the Couple

Prior to the event, photographers need to meet with the couple to discuss his/her expectations, thoughts and ideas as well as to listen to what they want in the photographs. Also, it is the right time to talk about the payment and the packages.

Lightroom presets can be your life saver. If you’re in a rush and you need to meet the client’s deadline, all you have to do is to use Adobe Lightroom and its default and customized presets.

Why I Love Lightroom Presets

pre6Adobe Lightroom is known for its very powerful photo editing management. It was created to help photographers in all genres to organize and modify their captured images and to make it even better. Like other programs, lightroom can be confusing since it has a lot of controls and options to consider and learn. However, with lightroom’s preset or commonly known as filtered images that can be applied to one or more images at once, everything became easier.

Adobe lightroom presets can be used easily since it can be used in one or more images. It can help us transform raw images into something beautiful. In my opinion, if you are going to try the features of lightroom, you should prepare yourself and your skills in creating presets since it is the best starting point in the program. By simply adding your desired effect and styles, you can make your own presets and you can use it to all of your collections.

I have been using and creating various styles of presets to add in my lightroom collections over the years and I also learned that creating one is not that easy; yes it is easy to create simple presets, but creating presets for professional and work related purposes is not simple.

Undeniably, not all free lightroom presets that you see online have good quality; some of those are not worth it since it is badly created. When buying lightroom presets online, make sure to check the quality first. Then, check the compatibility option to know if it can work well to older and higher version of lightroom.

Installing presets for lightroom is very simple. You just have to open lightroom, choose preferred image and select on the “develop module tab” on the right side of the interface. Right click the presets tab and choose your desired preset and you’re ready to use it on your images.

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom

Have you ever wondered where those high quality images come from does? Most amazing and stunning images that we see everywhere (billboards, museums, exhibits and more) were captured and edited by professional photographers. Do you want to their secret? They have those lively images because they use the latest release of Adobe systems; Lightroom, a very well-known photo editing program that is capable in editing tons of images at once. Learn more about lightroom by watching this video below:

Today, we are in an era where taking pictures is a must especially on special occasions. In addition, we take pictures everywhere we go and anything we do such as partying, swimming at the beach, special events and more. However, in order to make meaningful images, we need to use a program like lightroom to modify and organize our captured images.

LR7Lightroom also contains a lot of built in default presets, or filtered images that will turn every raw image into a more stunning photograph.

Basically, lightroom’s major feature is the presets, or a group of filtered images with special adjustments to help photographers in all levels with their workflow. Moreover, they can also create their customized presets. It’s either a black&white, lomo or vintage setting.

If you don’t have the skills to create your own presets, there are several free lightroom presets dispersed online. It depends on what version of lightroom you are utilizing. If you are using the latest version, all you have to do is download free presets that is compatible with the version and you’re ready to go.

Advantages of adobe lighroom presets

One of the best advantages of lightroom is that you can save a lot of time and effort in editing images since everything is easy to manipulate, from applying the presets to printing.