Can You Use Several Lightroom Presets at Once?

It was a dark and stormy nightAdobe Lightroom allows us, users, to create, and save customized presets. However, we cannot save a certain preset that will modify the settings of an original image since the program is a non-destructive software. It preserves the raw settings from the camera. Lightroom only allows us to edit a certain value to replace whatever setting that has been set in the picture.

Can you use numerous Lightroom presets at once?

This is the most common concern among users since they want to know if they can utilize numerous lightroom presets in one process. The answer is, Yes! You can use several lightroom presets at once. However, when saving or updating new sets of presets, it is recommended that you uncheck all the unnecessary boxes in the interface to avoid additional unrelated image settings. For instance, if you are creating a black and white preset, the only image settings you need to adjust are those buttons related to black and white.

Here’s a video tutorial that will teach you how to install Lightroom presets from Sleeklens on Mac and PC:

Here’s another helpful preset example, if you have created a custom vignette preset, you just have to save the post crop image vignette settings. Lightroom presets are very easy to use, but tricky, you really have to use your skills and knowledge in using and creating presets to avoid destruction of images. Applying presets to images is easier since there is no need to choose photos one by one. But be very extra careful in applying presets, check first the settings if it fits the images. For example, if the original file has a bad lighting and you’re preset contains a lot of dark shades, chances are the image will look terrible. If you are still in doubt, check for more lightroom tutorial online to help you understand the program.

Lightroom presets can be applied to hundreds and even thousands of images at once, but the trick there is to check if the presets look good on the image.